The medical triage system powered by artificial intelligence

How serious is my condition?

Intelligent Triage aims to create a paradigm shift from the traditional model of reactive healthcare where the patient is a passive participant, to a world of empowered citizens who take direct control of their own health using digital technology as part of a proactive healthcare system.

The first moments of an illness are terrifying and a voyage into the unknown. How serious is this? Who do I contact next? Where is the nearest medical facility? Who can I trust? Should I call an ambulance? Patients and their families are often left alone to make these crucial decisions.

Intelligent Triage believes there is another way. Medical data entered by patients or their friends & family on smart-phones can provide healthcare providers with an early warning system. The next step is to harness the power of artificial intelligence to interpret patient-entered data patterns in order to determine the likely diagnoses and/or the most appropriate medical facility to deal with the problem.

Intelligent Triage aims to manage a greater proportion of medical problems in the community, and to accelerate the diagnostic decision-making process from the moment the patient enters a medical facility.

Intelligent Triage – your health is in your hands.