Intelligent Triage Partners With Wiggly-Amps on the WA:IT Project

Intelligent Triage is excited to announce a partnership with Wiggly-Amps. Our two companies will be working together on the WA:IT project, a technology solution that empowers patients by allowing them to generate their own triage medical record at the point of care. Wiggly-Amps has a strong track record in healthcare IT, and their technology is currently in use in primary care to improve GP triage and increase the efficiency of allocating appointments to patients.

The WA:IT project will focus on deploying patient generated triage technology in hospitals. In the first instance it will be used to increase efficiencies in patient flow in the increasingly busy Accident & Emergency and Urgent Care centres in the UK. The increasing and unrelenting demand on A&E departments in particular is an environment where innovative technologies such as WA:IT can have a huge impact on improving efficiencies, reducing costs and reducing the burden on overstretched healthcare staff.

The WA:IT team is supported by Imperial College Healthcare Partners.